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This is a personal project based on a currently untiled story of mine. This storyboard is meant to be a teaser or trailer for the story. The story centers around two woman, a Nobel by the name of Josette, and a pirate by the name of Fiadh; who despite their differences end up needing each other. Josette needs Fiadh to help her get home, and Fiadh needs Josette's help to find a magical artifact. Unknown to the two of them, Fiadh's past will soon interfere with their journeys. 

A is for Alice

This is a personal project, designed as a teaser for a story of mine titled "A is for Alice." The story is loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and "Through the Looking Glass." The story follows a young girl named Alice who’s parents were murdered when she was young. Alice finds her father's old journal which leads her to Wonderland; which she believes is the first clue in finding out who killed her parents.

Note The Song is: Still Doll (English Cover) by Lollia

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